Ossama Ali
Product Designer

The Modern Barber

A client project where I implement an online appointment booking platform for a local barbershop

The Challenge

I have been getting my haircuts from Chris for the last four years now, however the one thing that I couldn't get over was the fact that I had to call or text Chris to set up an appointment every time. After jokingly voicing my displeasure to Chris, he informed me that I was not the only one that was tired of having to call or text Chris, wait for his response, and then finally set up an appointment with him. This brief discussion turned into me offering my services of designing a website for his barbershop, and setting him up with a booking platform that will allow all of his clients to go through his website to book an appointment, without having to contact him directly for a booking. 


UX/UI Designer, Photographer, Videographer


Figma, Photoshop, Wordpress


6 weeks

The Modern Barber
The Modern Barber
The Modern Barber
UI Design
The Modern Barber